Monday, June 13, 2011

Spotting a fox before he spots me

I was not moving at the time and saw motion behind the bushes, recognizing something - possibly a fox. Got my camera out, turned on, and zoomed to the max in anticipation. You cannot do those things with wildlife in earshot, but I got it done before he rounded the corner (click in if you want to see a fox in this picture) Here he comes.Oops! He's out of here.


Tim MacSweeney said...

Three days in a row my animal encounters were with a large deer standing in the path just staring at me, a great horned owl flying up from the ground and landing on a nearby branch staring at me, and a coyote bounding thru the wood above the stream totally ignoring me.

Chris Pittman said...

Well done Peter.

Geophile said...

Nice. I love those glimpses we get of foxes.

By the way, saw the movie The Shipping News this week and it had a rock pile in it. Not real old--built as a beacon pile by early settlers.