Thursday, December 04, 2014

Adams Farm - Westwood

Now that winter is upon us, I am heading south for walks - as long as there is not too much snow on the ground. Last weekend, after several days of slothful post-thanksgiving lethargy, I drove south to walk around in a woods behind "Adams Farm" - an open to the public, historic farm. A pretty place indeed but without many rock piles. A lot of up and down over small pine covered knolls with lots of sand and bits of rock, in places. Went north from the entrance and was heading back to my car when I found this:
I see a faint pathway in the gap between parts of this structure. Recent?
Continuing southward, there it is:
The one "mound" I saw. I may be fixated on rectangular piles with hollows but when you are looking for them: there they are. It definitely has corners and is sparser on the inside than around the edges.
I am suspicious of isolated piles. This could have been quarrying debris. I looked around for something else nearby. There was also this (note similarity to this from Potanipo Hill):
Still not sure. I think the "mound" should count. 
I was bored with this place before finding the mound. Now, maybe I should go back there and visit every little knoll - there are probably 15 more I didn't get to, south of the entrance.

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