Friday, December 05, 2014

Thanksgiving weekend

     On "Black Friday" while many people were out shopping in crowded malls, I spent the day alone slowly studying the ground in a cold place where the wintry wind froze my fingers. I've found many arrowheads in this place before and was pleased to get there and see that conditions were good, but the best part- no footprints from other people doing the same thing. It was kind of a long drive to get there, but worth it.
      My first find of the day turned out to be my best. I am really pleased with this arrowhead.

      Pretty quartz.
     I also found this quartz scraper.
     This arrowhead base sticking out of the sand really had my heart pumping. I hoped and hoped... but there was nothing more to it than what you can see here.
This quartz Wading River point is missing the tip. Still a decent find for me.
      This was what I went home with after about 4 hours of wind and cold. It was a good day and I left feeling great. It took some of the sting out of some of my disappointments of recent months.
     It had been a while since I had found a couple of arrowheads in an afternoon.
     On Sunday I visited this stone chamber in Ledyard, CT. A new place I had never even seen in photos.


Kierran Broatch said...

Nice haul! Nicely done.

pwax said...

Superb flaking for quartz. Can we see it without dirt?