Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Places of Mystery - near Noon Hill in Medfield(1)

I walked up the valley from the road, just to make sure I explored that topography. And I came to a little cove with steep sides, topped with stone wall. I looked around and didn't see any rock piles and thought: "This is a pretty little cove, I would've expected to see rock piles here if anywhere". Before turning back, I stopped to relieve myself and, as I stood there, I noticed a surface of moss covered rocks on the far side of the cove that I would have missed, if I hadn't paused.
It is a big old rectangular mound. From above:
 View back into the cove:
I did not see anything else nearby. 
The woods here are extensive and I have barely scratched the surface. Little heads of valleys near the skirts of the hill, in brooks close to the Charles River are one place to look for sites. But there is plenty of inland territory higher up.

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