Tuesday, December 16, 2014

SW of entrance to Adams Farm - Walpole

See the little mound there? We are just into the woods; a bit of field visible at top right. There were other disturbances nearby. Not too exciting.
Some other odds and ends:
Nice walls:


Matt Howes said...

As far as blogs go I feel like I am your little cousin, having much of my research based around my hometown and surrounding towns (I am the "Ho-Ho", remember), a "twin" area to your Concord, Littleton, etc. area.

I have also been posting about aligned boulders and stone rows recently.


pwax said...

I am "doing" Medfield and Walpole this season.

Mike Parker said...

I grew up in Walpole, and I've been exploring Adams Farm for over 20 years now. Noon Hill is another one of my favorite spots.
If you pick up a trail map at Adams Farm, it says that two potential Late Woodland period sites have been found on the property. There is also a cellar hole that dates to the Revolutionary War period. AF is deceptively big too; there are many trails and it would take multiple trips to fully explore it.