Sunday, December 21, 2014

Second Large Stone Pile

     I took a look at this Big Heap-of-Boulders - because I could see it in aerial images. I wandered into more or less the opposite corner of the same preserve and came across a second large heap or pile of stones, cobbles rather than boulders this time, not visible from any aerial image I can find.
     I was walking along a row of stones that extends southward from a 1750 Cemetery:
Above: Not to scale mound drawn into a not to scale trail map.
Above: looking NNE
The mound is almost like two mounds joined together - or maybe a shape like the reverse of the numeral 6 or 9, possibly linked by stones in a row to the substantial southward row, but also to what appears to be a ditch extending NNW, stones perhaps piled on the eastern edge of it - it was indistinct beneath all the duff covering it, although I thought I glimpsed a little serpentine sort of structure to it.
There were also spots where it looked like stones were removed... 

Above: the larger portion.
Below the second, smaller portion: 
Hint of Effigy? 

Above: a rhomboidal stone obscured by duff and debris.
Below: Looking toward ditch. 

Row of stones leading to the substantial row:

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