Tuesday, May 30, 2006

More amazing photos from Larry Harrop of a site from Jim Porter

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Wonderful, and genuinely weird in some cases. This is the "colonial site" portion of a large site mentioned here first by Jim Porter. As usual, the photo's are great.


Anonymous said...

Interesting how, when you examine Larry's photos carefully, there is not just a colonial landscape, but an Indian one, too. Peel back one layer of time, and you'll find another, and it is all there in Hopkinton, RI (I think that's the town this area is in). I'm wondering if the Indians and the Colonists were there together, each doing their own thing with stones.

JimP said...
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JimP said...

Thanks again to Larry Harrop for visiting this site and taking such amazing photographs. Hope you feel better soon Larry!

I'm trying to get in touch with someone I know who has information about the history of the landowners in this area. I'll keep the blog updated on anything I learn.

I totally agree with Norman that this site, like many in Rhode Island, show evidence of multiple uses of the landscape over time -- possibly ending with the colonial era. At least that's certainly the impression one gets when visiting in person.

Most of this site is on state property but I do not believe it is protected. It falls under the jurisdiction of RI Department of Environmental Management as a, "Management Area." An older section of the site is protected under both the Audobon Society and Nature Conservancy.

The whole thing -- from petroglyphs on Boy Scout property, to the most beautiful landscape in Rhode Island, to the ancient walls connecting boulders, to the cairns and piles and more piles and more piles still, to the colonial ghost town with downright weird stonework itself -- it can all be visited on foot in a half a day and it is a must-see if you're at all interested in stonework.

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