Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Desert - Marlborough

Driving home from Mt. Ward I passed Marlborough State Forest and an entrance marked "The Desert" - which I had read about online as a conservation land comprised of sandy glacial soil, little disturbed since earlier times. I assumed that sandy soil was not a place to look for rock piles but as I drove by on State Forest Rd (or something like that) I saw a couple. Here is a detail of the near pile: When I parked, I ended up walking for twenty minutes up and down little knolls of bedrock outcrops, as it turned out. Several of the outcrops looked like rock piles but I decided they were probably just frost broken bedrock. Then I saw some that were definately deliberate rock piles because the cobbles were not all of the same material as the bedrock. What is in these woods seems too fragmentary to get much of a feel for what is going on but there was something here. It would be worth exploring more systematically - when I am not on my way home from an earlier walk.

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pwax said...

It is more extensive in there than I realized. Definately worth a visit.