Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Links From Russian Geographical Society, Saint-Petersburg

by JimPJames Gage received an e-mail from a gentleman named Vyacheslav Mizin of the Russian Geographical Society, Saint-Petersburg. He sent James some links with many photos of lithic sites in Iceland, Lapland, Siberia and a few other places. James sent those links along to me for posting here.
WARNING: Most of these pages will take several minutes to load, but they are very much worth the wait.

A couple of the pages are in Russian, and for those the following handy online translator will translate the entire page into English for you (the translations are not perfect by any means, but it works well enough to give you an idea of the content):

Here are the links:
(Iceland - in Russian):
(Lapland - in English):
(Lapland - in English):
(Arctic Regions - in Russian):
(Various - in English):


pwax said...

Nice find.

Anonymous said...

How interesting, and I'm glad he's getting known. You might know that I wrote about him over two years ago: http://www.marja-leena-rathje.info/archives/flying_stones_of_lapland.php

I agree about the slow downloads - he really needs to get a faster connection with all those photos!

Anonymous said...

Hello from St.-Petersburg,

If it is necessary - can use any my materials,
To place in sites, to translate and publish
The similarity between megaliths of northern America and Lapland is surprising:
20 types of constructions, principles, landscapes sites, systems of stones.
I work above this mysterious theme

best regards,
V. Mizin