Thursday, December 28, 2006

Whipple Hill - Part One

by JimP
During my October trip to Massachusetts and Rhode Island, Peter Waksman recommended a visit to Whipple Hill in Lexington, MA. He kindly supplied me with a rough map, and I was off with my camera to explore.

The first things I saw when I got there were the following two boulders:Nothing seemed out of the ordinary with these two boulders until I realized that surrounding them was a circle of 8 or 9 stones -- all of them rather equidistant from one another, and all of them almost pyramid in shape.Some of these stones had such different coloration and properties from one another that it was hard not to conclude that they were somehow placed there intentionally.

Not far from the above formation were a number of small piles -- including this boulder cairn:and also this remnant of a short wall:But the best was yet to come -- and I'll get to that in part two.

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