Tuesday, December 26, 2006

North Monoosnoc - the true summit

I got to the true summit of North Monoosnoc (Leominster State Forest) today. I guess perviously I thought I got to this summit but I was actually on a false summit to the south. I have to say that North Monoosnoc is probably the prettiest of the hilltops I have seen - with spots of bald rock, moss, and grass, mixed in with stunted scrub oak. Nice muted colors at this time of year. There were some structures I would assume were remnants of ceremony:
Right near the highest summit was a little outcrop with a rock pile on it:
Here is a detail of the pile, showing a piece of quartz:
A really beautiful spot and I was happy enough to find this one nice pile.

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pwax said...

Little did I suspect that just downhill, in several directions, were major sites.