Friday, December 08, 2006

A typical breakout zone site on the side of a hill

Just a bit further south and west of the previous site in Harvard, I followed a gully uphill to a "breakout zone": in this case a place where water comes out of the side of a hill and erosion has stripped away the soil, leaving some small boulders exposed. It is expected that you find a minor rock pile site at such a place. Quoting from my Journal:

...I came up to an area I had explored before and I followed a gully uphill to its place of origin and found some very minor breakout zone type features, as I expected. There are about four rockpiles in this picture but they are not visible in the photo.
Along one edge of the zone there were three rock-on-rocks. Here are two of them:
And at the center of the breakout zone there were five or six very minor piles. Here are two:
I think this kind of site is predictable and my guess is that its purpose is to utilize the energy of the place where water is coming out of the ground.

Here are low grade video clips of this place, which I posted earlier this week [Click here]

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