Thursday, December 28, 2006

Whipple Hill - Part Two

by JimP
See Part One
After a short walk from the pyramid rocks and small cairns, I came to a lovely little pond:After walking near the pond for a bit I could see through the trees an imposing presence -- a gigantic stone heap:My photographs simply don't do it justice. It was truly huge and impressive. Here's a closer look:From this heap there was a small valley and then another large heap -- only this one was constructed to incorporate a prominent outcrop. The outcrop sure looked like it had a face to me -- it was the first thing that struck me.Here are two more photos from other angles showing how the rocks are piled onto the outcrop: Then I spotted what looked very much like a man-made niche constructed at the base:Near this second heap was another small valley, and then a high hill. I got the impression that the two large heaps were constructed almost to mimick the high hill -- as if to create three separate hills of almost equal size, as though it somehow balanced out the landscape.

After leaving this area I then came to what appeared to be an earthen dam, the pond side of which was built up with large stones. So the pond must be man-made and it was probably, at one time, more of a swamp. I must learn more about the history of this land.

But I was hardly done with this property -- there was indeed more to come. Look for that in the third and final part of my visit to Whipple Hill.

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