Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Elongated oval piles Sterling/Leominster

As I was driving south of Leominster State Forest, I saw some elongated oval piles next to the road shaped something like this (I exaggerated the shape slightly):
These were maybe 8 to 10 feet long. I was reminded of much larger piles from Petersham, sent in by a reader [Click here]. These smaller ones are different from anything I have seen in more eastern Middlesex County, and quite nice looking and suggestive. Here are some pictures:
Perhaps these have all been tumbled down from some previous shape but, if so, it is symmetric dammage. These above piles are very similar but there were also some smaller piles.There, out on the west side of the Nashua River, I got a faint whiff of a different aesthetic than the one which built rock piles here on the east side of the river. So I am proposing that the Nashua River is a boundary.

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pwax said...

Correction, there are actually 3 sites on that map fragment. 1 is northeast of the interchange in AVIS woods. 2 is by the little pond. 3 is inside the southern cloverleaf. It took me ~3 years of commuting on those roads before I got around to exploring the cloverleaf.

What does this shout at us?