Monday, December 04, 2006

Small explorations in Sterling, MA - a Wachusett facing hiltop

I did find a small site in there on the side of a hill looking out towards Wachusett. At first I saw just a few too many rock-on-rocks and, although they were very minor, I looked around carefully and discovered it was a small site. Here are a couple of the rock-on-rocks:Seeing this pile convinced my that, yes, this is a rock pile site:Here are a couple more from in there:
Finally, here is what you see looking outward:
After a bit more poking around, I headed back north to my car.

For comparison, see what I was saying here about hilltop sites [Click here].
[Update: oops! the link leads to a description of a site which, as I look at the pictures, is exactly the same site as the one I describe above. I guess I came up on it from the south last time.]

Or for the general topic of Wachusett [Click here]

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