Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Mt. Ward - Marlborough

Mount Ward is a small hill near the Boston Post Rd in Marlborough, MA. It is sure to have been a popular destination for hikers and picnic'ers over the years and I only went there because the hill I wanted to explore was in-accessible. But I wanted to head more in the direction of Marlborough anyway because that is the nearest place to the southwest of here which I have not yet explored. It is getting hard to find an un-explored woods less than 1/2 hour drive from home.

This was at the top of the hill:
So you would figure there would not be much left on this hill. In fact this little item could be a fire ring or a used prayer seat. The lack of charring on the rocks and the rocks in the middle of the circle argue against this being a fire circle. Also building a small campfire on the top of the hill - in the most windy place - does not make a lot of sense. So I vote for prayer seat. The rocks in the center of the circle indicate [I am guessing] the proper completion of the ceremony. Without the recent trees this would have been a fine place to look out.

Here is a bit more of the background.
That is all I saw at Mt. Ward.

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