Monday, June 11, 2007

Kaaterskill, Green County, New York

By GeophileOn vacation last week, we hiked on Kaaterskill Peak again, in the Catskills. We didn't get to any new sites, but I got to spend more time in the one we saw last September, and we found new features. First, though, some rock piles.

Above, a long rock pile. The situation of these piles is on a flatter area well up on the peak. My son Jonas estimated there to be at least one hundred piles on both sides of the path. Far back to one side of the group was a high mountain stream. The whole area was damp.

A double pile.

Some stones in this pile looked reddish.

A nice pile. Some are just appealing.

I thought the stone in the light here had a sort of reptilian look.

A pile on a boulder.

We also saw two walls, a split-wedged boulder, and a construction that could once have been a chamber or shelter, although it could have been unrelated to the piles. I'll post them in a later post. The area also boasts some obvious recent piles and constructions, although none of those appeared in the immediate area of these piles.

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pwax said...

The third picture down, what you call a "double pile" reminds me of some piles I think of as "gateways". It is worth looking through the space between the piles to see if anything obvious lies in that direction (or the opposite direction).