Monday, June 25, 2007

More rock piles from reader Joshua E

These are from West Virginia.

Joshua writes:
they are up on a mountain in a place with only a gas station and they are a good distance from anything"
And about this one:
"is a long ridge probably 3 ft high 150 ft long and 15 ft wide. one pic is of a mound at a distance i think it may be a burial mound likes the ones found in hampshire county wv years ago."

" there are 30 rock piles i know of at least in the area which i believe are graves and some are good distance into the woods which means for sure it wasn't a farmer clearing a field. also that one ridge 150 ft long and 15 ft wide and 3 ft high is entirely artificial deep into the woods"
" the large cairn lies north and south. i found a smaller ridge of rocks nearby that seems to lie on a solstice line. my compass was messin up a little but i think thats right. the ridge seems to
look like a straightened out snake. i found evidence on the peak of the mountain of chippin off of a stone wall to obviously make points so there is some proof of indians in the area other than the cairns at least."


Anonymous said...

This simply emphasizes that there is carefully constucted stonework of a similar nature all up and down the Appalachians, from Georgia to Maine.


Geophile said...

Boy, these are beauties!