Friday, June 01, 2007

Some AZ rockpiles

This is from Rt 60 going south just after you leave the SanCarlos Apache Indian Reservation and enter the Tonto National Forest. On the right at the first height of land is a camping ground access road. Go in there, park, and walk around. It is funny because I only stop the car occasionally to see what the ground looks like on foot. This was one of those rare places and ...voila! Rock piles. I'll speculate about their purpose later.


Geophile said...

Brought to mind this picture, which I first saw in a book called Touch the Earth by T.C. McLuhan, same one who wrote Cathedrals of the Spirit and The Way of the Earth, also about the connections between landscape and sacredness in culture. A rather old picture of a rock pile.

pwax said...

Ecxept I do not think this is ceremonial. I'll explain later.

Unknown said...

In the past couple of years I have looked for rock piles, perched rocks, stone circles and linear stone features in central and southwest Colorado. There are a lot! Some differences from New England features exist but the general feel is the same. Some are obviously pretty old but some seem to be fairly recent. An Indian heard me discussing them and basically said that some of these are current and I should be very respectful of them as well as the older ones.

Tim Fohl Carlisle, MA