Tuesday, June 19, 2007

More from out west of here - a big rock with radiating lines around it.

June 19 2007 Out exploring around the XXX and re-found this site with piles around a large boulder. The location is about south from the main "XXXX" site, along the edge of the laurel.

This is a site along a drop-off facing to the west. There is a large boulder in the center, where you can sit, and there are both well preserved piles and loose, possibly damaged structures radiating from the direction of the boulder. Here are views from, respectively the North East, East, South East, and South - the last photo being the closest approximation to the view of the sketch.

We approach the big rock from the NE
Skirt in a clockwise direction we see another broken down structure East of the big rock.

Continuing, when we get to the SE we see a pile in better shape.
And continuting to the South we see another pile in a good shape with a semblance of a vertical face. The direction of this photo approximately matches the leftmost part of the sketch above.
There is some kind of structure between the big rock and here.

Climbing on top of the big rock to look around, you can see several outlying "natural" rocks sticking up as well as all of the piles and along the lines of the radiating structures. So why not a kind of medicine wheel? One perplexing thing is that the flat faces of the two "flat-faced" piles are positioned perpendicular to the lines lines radiating from the big rock.

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pwax said...

Mystery site location is so foolish - no one could find it even if I told them, or if they could they would not bother.
Look at the bottom of the hill along past Mt Elam Rd on the right.