Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A manitou stone support

Norman Muller sent in this picture from Bob Miner.Saying:
"...This example, of what appears to be a small manitou stone of the head-and-shoulders variety supporting a propped slab, is unusual, and I'm not sure how one would interpret this."


JimP said...

I first posted that photo on this blog here:

The feature should be taken in context.

As far as interpretation -- how would you interpret a manitou stone all by itself? How would you interpret a tilted niche all by itself?

It seems to me if we're interpreting niches as spaces for offerings, and a manitou stone as representative of a spirit, the conclusion is fairly easy to reach.

Anonymous said...

I don't think a consensus has been reached on what any of this stonework really means. Just as an example, some believe quartz is a blocker, while others say it is a transmitter.


JimP said...

I understand that, Norman. In fact, just to illustrate your point, there are also some who say quartz is neither a, "blocker," nor a, "transmitter," but simply a stone with a special manitou that was placed into piles to infuse them with that spirit -- a symbology emanating from the abstract thought of human spirituality.

All I meant was that, in order to interpret this particular feature, one would had to have come to conclusions regarding the elements used in this feature. And if you have come to those conclusions, the interpretation is easy.

But as you point out, consensus is entirely absent.

pwax said...

I think it is important to speculate, with the proper qualifications as needed.