Thursday, June 28, 2007

More about West Virginia Rock Piles

Norman Muller writes in:
I found that book recommended by Hunter Lesser in our library (Terry Lowry, September Blood: The Battle of Carnifex Ferry, Charleston 1985), and made copies of the cairn photos, taken by Gary Bays, in the book. The two b&w photos are attached. The caption under the photos says: "MYSTERIOUS ROCK FORMATIONS -- over forty of these rock formations line the hill on the north side of the Carnifex Ferry site. Their origin is unknown, but it is spectulated they are either of the Indian, Civil War, or logging period. Civil War artifacts havae been located around them." (p. 114) Carnifex Ferry was a Civil War battlefield site in 1861. The site lies along the Gauley River southeast of Charleston, WVA.

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