Wednesday, June 06, 2007

More pics from North Smithfield - Nipsachuck

Tim M. writes in:
Here are some additional photos from Nipsachuck. As I mentioned to you in the past, the cairns Dr. Meli is surveying next week are not on the proposed development. The NS Conservation Commission hopes to find something in this abutting area that will reinforce the need of a full archeological study of the proposed site. The mounds or piles in these photos ARE within the development. I tried to show the quartz rock in each pile. There are about 20 or more of these piles in the area.
[Some of the pics:]Since the cat is more than out of the bag on this, I'll admit that these do look like what we call graves - low ground piles with a piece of quartz. There has never been any way to be sure. Perhaps we'll find out. [See this]

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