Saturday, June 23, 2007

World Rockpiles--Scotland

By Geophile

From another continent, but it's a rock pile and its the weekend, so . . . A rock pile, in this case really called a cairn, at the top of Bennachie, a hill/ridge in Aberdeenshire Scotland. Jonas, my son and lieutentant of site discovery is there for much of the summer helping out at Archaeolink, an archaeology-education park. He climbed the hill yesterday and sent these among many pictures.

Probably recently done, but he had to send it--a split-wedge and a rock-on-rock.

Glaciers definitely came here, but things like this are always nice to look at. The rock pile in the first picture is at the top of the hill in the background of this one. That hill on the Bennachie ridge is called Mither Tap, a reference to its mammary shape when seen from the valley.

I assure you that I won't let parental madness cause me to subject you to many more of these in the course of his visit!


pwax said...

Please go ahead and subject us to it.

Anonymous said...

Just visiting and enjoying your blog... I do so love all sorts of rocks...