Thursday, July 05, 2007

Great Ponds area Lakeville MA

Bruce McAleer suggesting going down to explore around the Great Ponds in Lakeville, knowing that Lakeville is a town with lots of rock piles and other structures. Unfortunately immediately around the ponds and nearby there is a lot of sandy territory without enough rocks to encourage rock pile building. I almost never find rock piles in sandy areas. Only at the third placed we stopped were there any rocks and ultimately we found only one rock pile. This was on the eastern shore of the easternmost of the large ponds in Lakeville. Here are two views of the pile we found. There was a second smaller pile to the side of and slightly merged with this first large one. Since there was what seemed like an amount of nearby random rock disposal, I was suspicious of this pile. Some reasons for thinking it was not just a rock dump are that it was immediately adjacent to a wet spot and also it had what looked like some kind of deliberately constructed hole in it: That is a bit unusual.

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Larry Harrop said...

Betty's Neck on Assawompset Pond is where you might look.It used to be a Wampanoag village,Natewamet(Old Home Lands) It's now conservation land.
I've found a few piles in there.
There's also a boulder that supposedly Thoreau etched his name and date on.
I know where the boulder is, but the pond has to be really low to be able to read it.
I was told that John Sassamon is buried there someplace. His grave is marked with a rough stone.
If you want directions, let me know.