Tuesday, July 31, 2007

More on quartz rock piles from Georgia

Reader coferrells sent in more pictures of quartz rock piles. Saying:

The mound that may be an effigy is attached. The spine of it runs from east to west within a couple of degrees. IN the first picture you can see where one piece of granite or gneiss is missing. It is in the picture at the bottom right where it fell off. The machete case in the pic is 16" long (with the machete in it the measurement is 20"). This does not look like a farmers' rock pile.

"Odd mound due south"
"Odd mound due east""Odd mound due west"
Here are some more examplpes of quartz piles. In couple, there is a single piece of gneiss planted in the center. Again, all of the rocks in the piles is white quartz with a few chunks of quartzite. There is no quartz laying around on the ground except in the piles, and even when you dig, you do not have pieces this large anywhere on my property or even in the creek bed. Again the machete case is 16" long and with the machete it measures 20"

I just figured it out (the effigy). Draw out the rough shapes of the rocks you can see in the pic labeled odd pile due west.

The first rock is on the east side, looks like a head. The second going west is out stretched arms. The third breasts. The fourth a swollen stomach. The fifth fell out. The sixth (can be seen in odd mound due east) squatting/kneeling legs.

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pwax said...

They really did not use quartz - as a sole material in rock piles, up here in New England.