Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Rock piles destroyed in Bellingham MA

Reader Keith writes in:

"so many untold stories went up in smoke. This area was clear cut revealing many rock piles visible from the road, by the time I made it back, in a few days, all were gone except this last huge bolder with a rock pile on its back. You really can't go exploring around mine fields like this. My photo captures it's last days.."


stonepilewhisper said...

How thoughtless. The state's archaeologist have to prevent things like this form happening.

JimP said...

First, the state archaeologist has to acknowledge that these sites have significance. And therein lies the problem -- they are viewed as highly insignificant, particularly in MA.

pwax said...

Well even before that, the state archeologist needs to be informed that a site is in danger. Right now, with the USET resolution in place, there is a mechanism to encourage State Arcehologists to act, but the Indians need to push them. So step one for an endangered site is for the Indians to be informed. For now, that means the Narragansetts or the Aquinna Wampanoags.

JimP said...

I agree with that too, Peter.

My point is that it was the state archaeologist who drafted the Historical Commission's guidelines on stone piles. Those guidelines need revision by a state archaeologist who recognizes the significance of these sites. Only then will developers inform anyone about them. As it is now, the guidelines permit developers to ignore them and bulldoze at will.

The USET resolution is helpful, but it is not the end of the fight. As far as I know, the federal government has not yet drafted an enforcement policy or facilitated the regional workshops that the resolution calls for.