Thursday, July 05, 2007

Norman Biggart talks about the Westford Knight

This is being forwarded by NEARA coordinator Brenda Toomey:

As you may be aware, the Westford Historical Society and the Westford Knight Committee have sent the Boat Stone, an artifact that may be related to the Westford Knight, out for analysis and study under laboratory conditions to Scott F. Wolter of American Petrographic Services, Inc. of St. Paul, Minnesota.

I thought the Massachusetts NEARA members might be interested in an upcoming event featuring the following:
1. Scottish Clansman Norman Biggart will give a presentation summarizing his decades of research on the subject of the Westford Knight.
2. The Westford Knight Committee will to discuss the preliminary results of Mr. Wolter’s work on the Boat Stone.

This event will be held on Sunday, July 29 at 3:00 at the Westford Museum, 2-4 Boston Road, Westford. Parking is available behind the J.V. Fletcher Library, across the town common from the Museum. Thanks, and I hope all is well.

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pwax said...

Norm Biggart is a really nice guy. Anyone who can should try to catch this talk.