Monday, July 09, 2007

Native American Stone Enclosure - video by Greatmuin

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This is from Nova Scotia - a very curious foundation outline. From "Rock Piles - Stone Walls of Nova Scotia" - see link to the right.


JimP said...

How do we know this is Native American? Not to sound like a Doubting Thomas, but it looks like the foundation of an old cabin -- I even see what looks like the remains of a small hearth in the middle at one end.

Lnobidick said...

Its Native American because of the other rock structures that you haven't seen.I may post them later. So perhaps its a foundation of an old cabin doesn't rule out the fact that this could still be Native American built. The purpose of posting of this video was the fact of the beating sound,which could not be heard with the human ear at the time of recording. The camera's techonology is able to capture interference with other frequencies and electro-magnetic energies in the ground. Comments on the sound element present from 38 seconds on to the end. I feel this has recorded a paranormal experience.

JimP said...

Oh, well, I'm not one to comment on that. I'm in the category of extreme skeptic when it comes to that stuff.

greatmuin said...

Hi Michael
This is really interesting, thank you for sharing it with me.

I viewed the clip "open" mediumistically speaking, and I felt this was founded by native people as something akin to a sweat lodge. I saw a sacred place for meditation and guidance that served as a portal to other places and dimensions at times. I saw in my minds eye a fire and men with dark hair and bare chests sat around in darkness, in a trance state, only the fire in the centre of the darkness lighting the space. There was a wooden structure and furs creating a roof above the stones with a vent for the firesmoke. Some carved wooden effigies stood in the niches but I couldn't make out detail, I felt one was an eagle though. At times I felt that men sat in meditation in these niches in winter as a kind of endurance vigil, invoking the energies of the animal effigies.

I hope you find this interesting...
I can upload the video to my website with full credit to you if you would like me to.

Bright Blessings

Anonymous said...

I have had the opportunity to see the video and photographs of stone cairns from this site. The video shows an example of a typical mid to late 19th century (or possible even early 20th century) house foundation. The small extension from the main foundation is stair well used to access the cellar from exterior of the house via a bulkhead. The lack of a central chimney support in the middle of the foundation and the stairwell access place the foundation's construction in the post-1820 period. The excellent state of preservation of the foundation indicates the houses was probably not destroyed until the late 1800's or early 1900's. Whether the houses was a homestead, summer cottage, or hunting lodge would require additional research.

The stone cairns at the site are your your typical Native American cairns - cairn built in the split of a boulder, cairns on the ground, cairn leaning/attached to a boulder, etc.

Whether the cairns and foundation are related, again, would require additional research into the property owners. It is not unusual to find a farm or residence built on land with an pre-contact period Native American sacred site. In a few cases the farm and cairns are contemporary with each other - the farm being owned by a Native American family who adopted the out appearances of European culture but secretly continued their traditional religious practices on a remote section of the farm.

As for unusual noise on the video clip, some testing needs to be done to rule out mechanical noise from the camera itself. If you raise the volume for the whole clip, there is
noticeable background static noise - typical of camera mechanical chatter.

James Gage