Thursday, July 12, 2007

More about "Charcoal Burners"

Found this little quote at [Legends of Mt.Riga ]

"Even before the collapse of the region's iron industry, the proper people of Salisbury began to take notice of a strange, dark breed of short people who inhabited tiny farms and isolated shacks scattered through the many little glens on the lower slopes of Mt. Riga. No one really knows where they came from -- or when -- but because they were said to speak a gutteral-sounding language and live in ways alien to the native Yankees, the belief was widely held that they were Hessian deserters from the British army, stragglers from Lafayette's forces or York State Dutchman (or a blending of all three ancestries)."

Certainly makes one want to know more about these Charcoal Burners. It is a pretty interesting little article and I recommend clicking through the link above. Find out about the Raggies and the Giant Kingfiser, and the tale of how west coast sockeye Salmon appeared mysteriously in the lakes of northwestern CT. The Raggies sure sound like Indians.

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