Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Rock Pile Blogging Milestones

Giving myself a pat on the back: yesterday was the first day when the sitemeter (at the bottom) showed more than 100 visitors for the day. Thanks to readers for coming back. Thanks also to Google where this blog gets pretty good link placement when someone searches on any words related to finding rocks in the woods.

There are also new blogs about similar topics, with two new ones this week (from Larry Harrop and Stonepilewhisper) It is reassuring that if I quit or slow down, other people will keep going with it.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations. I enjoy your site very much. You open a whole new world for me exploring these New England woods. You are (we are) truly Indiana Jones's when it comes to exploring these woods to discovery and recognition of these great sites. Considering these rock piles are not documented, or photographed before, this is all new!
Mendon, Ma.

pwax said...

Yeah it is cool.

Geophile said...


pwax said...

And here it is 2010 and light posting has reduced the daily visitors to ~70. Not as much progress though as I hoped.