Friday, July 13, 2007

Revisiting the site in Norfolk CT one more time

I went back the next day to explore more thoroughly. I followed the side of the gully north and west and the number of rock piles tapered off. Rock piles with one or more light cobbles continued to predominate. I followed a wall for a while that had deliberately placed light cobbles (bigger than in the piles) every 10 paces for a while until the number of light cobbles increased and they became too numerous to suggest any pattern to me.

Here are some of the piles from this next visit:
Nice in the morning, under the laurels. I used my laurel dodging skill acquired in Leominster.
It is natural to wonder what this white quartzite in the piles is about. I do not think these are burials but what are they? It would be interesting to survey the site because I continue to think the role of this lighter rock might be part of connecting together the different piles. So it would be good to see them in overviedw.

I came to a wall which also seemed to be using some kind of quartz(ite) placement principles. Hare are three nearby sections of stone wall. The lighter rocks were not too evenly spaced, about 10 paces apart.
Then I continued exploring north and west, now almost 1/4 mile from the original road and the edges of the site from that side. I came to a gradual slope that turned into a steeper slope and I was reluctant to go down there and loose the elevation. But I was rewarded quickly anyway with one last rock pile, sentinel on that side of things and still with the lighter colored rocks.
Faint traces of old cart tracks, which imagine being made by the charcoal cutters, criss-crossed the hill undefoot.

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My mother said it was like a Pagan way of saying '__insert name here__ was here'. Or a way of messaging, but it could be just anyont.