Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Oak Hill, Littleton MA

There is a small rock pile site on the northwest facing slope of Oak Hill within the conservation land. This is not too far from the highest point in Littleton but down the opposite side of the hill. Oak Hill is given prominent mention in Manitou (by Mavor and Dix) and this is at the northern end of the hill a mile or so from some of the chambers they discuss in the book. Well I have heard rumors of a really big rock pile somewhere over there "off trail from Tophet chasm" and I have tried a couple times to find it. Instead I found this site once before and again last weekend. Walking along and then there is a low pile in the leaves:
And then another and another. The first one is the best preserved.

Many of the piles seem to have been built on a support boulder but most are not fallen over to the side:One part of the hill has more stone walls than the other parts. Here, in the busiest section, there is a quadrangle of stone walls with this site on the interior. The piles are as old looking as any I have seen. They are mostly broken down off of their support and are well covered with leaves. This part of the hill is dry but would provide a nice view to the northwest if the trees were not in the way.

I do not know what to make of this site. It doesn't seem to be a burial ground because of the support boulders and the lack of quartz. But it is hard to make a case for it as a marker pile site. So I don't know. Perhaps a couple of videos will at least give a feel of the place.

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