Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trailside vignettes from Another Undisclosed Location

(See previous post for introduction). Here are some little scenes, things visible from the trail. The original rock-on-rock that a companion spotted and which took us off the trail to find a small site beyond. I am struck at how solid this structure was although it appears fragile. I was also struck by the size of the upper rock, note the relative size of my foot. Here is another little pile directing attention to the left (west of the trail): And what about this one. It was lower on the trail by maybe 30 yards than the rest. Isolated. Was it intended to be split in half like this or is it just damaged? And how about this little scene. Very minimal but still suggestive: a standing stone in relation to a small rock-on-rock:


Geophile said...

That standing stone looks a little like one of Norman's manitou stones.

pwax said...

Mavor and Dix described standing stones in terms of lines of sight. Manitou stones in terms of their shape. I thought there was a line of sight possibility here.

pwax said...

I gotta say, this is in Townsend State Forest where the dirt forest roads go north into the woods and up a hill.