Friday, December 14, 2007

Snow no rock piles

Now that there is about 1 foot of snow on the ground here I have the perfect excuse for sitting around and having a lazy weekend. I know from past efforts that hunting for new rock piles in the new snow is very difficult. It is hard enough locating piles you already know about.

So I'll be kicking back and reporting on last weekend's site visits, which I didn't get around to this week. And in a pinch we can take a look at some old site photos from past Journals.

Compared with the attitude last year [Click here], maybe it is worth going out anyway.


JimP said...

It's at times like these when I find I miss New England the least.

pwax said...

OK wise guy, then step up the reporting from yon dry desert area.

JimP said...

Are you kidding? It never gets higher than 70 degrees here during the day at this time of year. Bbbbbrrrr!