Monday, December 26, 2011

Last artifact find, 2011

This is likely to be my last find for a while. I wish I could show something as wonderful as that lovely quartz spearpoint a reader found recently but I was not so lucky (though I am still thrilled by any find of any kind). This piece is more typical of local artifacts, a crude triangular point, also quartz, but shaped using hard hammer percussion flaking, rather than the fine pressure flaking of that spearpoint.

It is missing the tip and looks like it might have taken a hit to the lower right corner but most of it is there. It is about twice as thick as most points of this size that I find. I think it probably was resharpened down from something bigger and most likely was used as a knife.

I found this on Friday, I got out of work early and raced to a place I wanted to search, a farm field on this occasion. Unfortunately for me, the farmer has used some kind of fertilizer that covers the ground in most places, there was little hope of finding anything, so I got back into my car and spent some time in a favorite spot, where I found this. It was mostly buried with just a tiny piece peeking out of the ground. Today I spent hours searching in four different places, I waded through mud and splashed around in the water and it was windy and all I found was one fragment of something so badly broken I am not sure what kind of tool it was. A typical day.


pwax said...

Good way to end the year. I continue to be impressed with the results of your "hard work". I don't put enough energy into it any more.

ronbrown said...

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