Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Piper Rd Rock Piles - Acton MA

For those enthusiasts who are reassured, as am I, to know they are commuting past rock piles, I just added a new site for people who drive on Rt 2 in Acton. The site is on Piper Rd, just beyond the corporate buildings to the south, as the road heads uphill and there is a small woods to the left - behind the buildings and before the houses. If you look in there, you can see rock piles as you drive bye. For example:It is a bit messy. But there are rock piles in there. Perhaps a bit like marker piles and a bit like breakout wetland ceremonies.One interesting feature was a very faintly defined stone "wall" that goes uphill briefly: At the top it turns a corner and becomes a more regular structure. Note the parallelism with the rock pile in the background. Is this a recent or colonial manifestation? Perhaps. But other piles at this site and other clusters are typical Native American:Some rock-on-rocks from there. I like their aesthetic.Every rock takes on significance.

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