Thursday, December 29, 2011

"No. Nobody Found Mayan Ruins"

I thought I would take a look at what else is being said on the internet about this story of 9UN367. Perhaps this is a typical example, illustrated with a pretty map. I want to comment that the connecting of Track Rock Gap to the Mayans may be nonsense, but lets be clear about the logic. There is a site with physical characteristics that are being documented and speculated about. You cannot dismiss the speculation by quoting theory from some other sites and other unrelated facts. So, for example, Thornton is looking at terracing at Track Rock Gap and saying it is uniquely like Mayan structures. The author of the link above has nothing to say about the facts and so their argument is just huffing and puffing. By contrast, pointing out that there are lots of other examples of such "terraces" and that they are all the way up into New England and (I suppose*) Canada, employs a different critique and is, I think, a fairer argument.

*Take a look at Bayers Lake and Birchtown maps. Or is it that these sorts of maps always look alike?


pwax said...

I have always maintained that it is easy to write negatively about something. For example: From the moment of reading the paternalistic title "No. No one Found..." it is clear we are in for an ad hominem argument.

Anonymous said...

Side stepping the Mayan issue, does anyone have a notion as to what the terraces were for? Were they strictly ceremonial, agricultural, or a mix of both? Before you dismiss the agricultural aspect, consider the kind of topography the majority of our apple orchards are growing on in New England

pwax said...

Orchards may have been owned by Indians. Or maybe something agricultural from prehistory.