Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Revisiting "Indian Cave" Part 2

The upper red dot is my entry point from Dec. 5, 2011 and the lower is the approximate location of the cave, where the river cuts a zigzag into the bedrock. This link to Bing Maps shows a "Bird's Eye" south-facing view of the contour lines just to the left of the 750 mark: http://www.bing.com/maps/?v=2&cp=qy3ww18x08j6&lvl=17.994347843867192&dir=182.50308350405655&sty=b&form=LMLTCC
This rough drawing is probably not very accurate but shows the feel of the place; these photos are from that middle section where the rows intersect:
I already posted two rock piles, a mound and the two stones with a bucket. There was another similar to the first:

And another that I'm not sure of; is it an elongated pile or a row?
I can answer that very quickly: I don't know.

But a little south and west of that, I found a low Zig-zag row that I began following:

There was a little gap in the row, perhaps for a "wood road" or a cart path or perhaps intentional, but it sort of straightened out to define the base of an out crop high spot (that I didn't check out - yet):

It continued and so did I:

A detail of the row, the sort of stacking I think of as the "Indian Look" present, a more artistic placing of stones (rather than the no-nonsense European stonework), the inclusion of quartz, the effigy like shapes etc:

A linear row led off to the right (north), but I stayed with the zigzag:

Rather than an accidental haphazard bunch of stones, many seemed chosen for their shapes,
the row itself intentionally zigzag, particularlly the quartz stones...
The zigzag row continued and another linear stone row appeared, again to the north toward the river,
so for no reason really, I turned and followed that. More interesting stones on that row:

Below: An Owlish Face?
Above: Turtle? Bird? Turtle Bird?

As I approached the change in the gentle almost flat area the rows are in, I saw another east/west row at the other end of the linear row, defining that steep change of slope leading back down to the stream.
And there perhaps was a "manitou stone (looking North):"

The manitou is just to the right of the small sapling below:

Above: looking south, back along the linear row & toward the zizag row;
below: Looking west, the steeper decline toward the stream at right:

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