Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Near Crestone, Colorado,

there are four intriguing stone 'hut' structures......
Two are very 'turtle' shaped.
We would like to hear from you if anyone knows of similar structures, their uses, age, etc.

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Norman said...

Some spectacular photos in the link.

pwax said...

Norman, you are right about that. Thanks Tim for the link. I made it part of the permanent list to the right.

Wolf in sheeps clothing said...

I have come across a link that may offer some valuable dating info
it is ( )
My guess from the dating, and probable ownership of the stone huts available from that link these stone huts were most likely magazines that held powder ie; nitro glycerin , dynamite or black powder for blasting. The railroads and possibly miners in the Crestone / Lucky area cached the explosives in these small stone enclosures so as to not have large explosions and lose all of the explosives in the event of a mishap, forest fire, bad handling etc.