Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ramapo Rock Shelter

An acidental find while watching the Evan's Hill videos:

followed by this sort of disturbing one:


pwax said...

Wow. That whole area of YouTube is fascinating.

pwax said...

I want to comment that the rock shelter digging that trashes the whole place seems clearly excessive and I agree with Tim that it is "disturbing". But at the other end of the scale was a guy who found a point in the land behind his house, and set about carefully excavating a location that no one else would ever put the same amount of work into. I think "Bravo!" for anything he finds.

Another guy was excavating a rock shelter and keeping careful notes. That seems pretty legitimate to me.

pwax said...

Watching those videos is addictive. Spent most of the day doing it.

theseventhgeneration said...

I noticed (in the second video) he said the rock shelter was in "upstate New York". Just to clarify, "upstate New York" could mean anything north of Yonkers and/or Rockland County. Also, the guy in the video has a "downstate" accent. I can't help but wonder where that rock shelter is located!