Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Revisiting Indian Cave Part 3

As far west as I rambled this past Monday, was to this wedge of evergreens, to the far right on my sketchy drawing below:
Hopefully, if you click on that drawing to enlarge it, you'll be able to see I've labelled this spot with "End Stones." To me this is one more marker ( a "Red" Flag, if you'll pardon the pun) that a "stone wall" isn't a colonial or later "fence" and is, in fact, a Native American Construction.
Above: the evergreen row looking west; below: looking south... 

There's a little "bulge" in the row just above the end stone boulder, that incldudes a good size white quartz boulder and possibly a manitou stone as well. You might be able to see the end stone of the east/west row that runs perpendicular to this one, pictured looking east below:

(Leaves, trees and debris obscure the row, but you can see some of it.)
Heading along this row along the rim of the stream valley, along a rutted path,
there's a junction of another row:

If you look closely, you'll find no shortage of interesting quartzy stones of all styles and sizes...

And as I headed back toward the "Cave," I came to this spot that seems so much like a "Gateway" to the possible (and very probable) sweatlodge area, that I've labelled it so...

The Quartzathon continues...

This "bears" a resemblence to things we've seen before:

And I guess I need to correct my drawing; add another end stone and move Indian Cave (in the upper right hand corner of the photo) down to the next bend in the river:  
Details of the End includ the "vee" notch, perhaps purposley worked, perhaps a turtle beak, here:

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