Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Another Circular Wall (in GA)

Captioned: One of the stone wall's circular 'pits' formed likely for defensive purposes.
Indians or Welshmen?

"The stone structures have long been a topic of debate. Many scientists have come to believe that the walls at Fort Mountain in Georgia and other Southeast sites were built by native Americans between 200 B.C. and A.D. 600." We're not exactly sure what purposes these enclosures served," said Wood, the UGA archaeologist. "But they were likely well-known gathering places for social events. Seasonal meetings of friends and kin, trading of goods, astronomical observance, and religious or ceremonial activities may have occurred there." Yet supporters of the Madoc legend say the wall's tear-shaped designs are similar to ruins found in Wales or elsewhere in Great Britain..."

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Norman said...

Fort Mountain walls were examined by Philip Smith in the mid-1950s and the results published in 1962. His article is available online. Tommy Hudson believes the walls are Indian and represent serpents, which seems more reasonable than the Madoc hypothesis. Fort Mountain is an isolated and impressive mountain, and the serpentine wall is at the very top.