Saturday, January 07, 2012

Squabble over presence of ancient residents in Blairsville


Norman said...

Where are the stories? The links take one to a page with everything on the online newspaper. But I found nothing about Blairsville.

pwax said...

I think I fixed it.

Richard Thornton said...

The main points left out of the article include the fact that Creeks carry Maya DNA and have many Itza Maya and Totonac words in our language. We call ourselves Itsate . . . which happens to be the same name that the Itza Maya call themselves Both the Creeks and the Cherokees called the area around Brasstown Bald, "The place of the Itza Maya."

Itsapa in Creek. Itsayi in Cherokee.

The Georgia Creeks are really P.O.'s about the AJC article. Two archaeologists with professional experience in Mexico, who agreed that there was much evidence of Maya commoners settling in Georgia, were left out of the article. None of the three "experts" disagreeing with Maya interpretation have any educational or professional experiences in Mesoamerican architecture. Apparently none of them had even been in Mexico. The reporter also didn't mention that I had a fellowship in Mexico under the tutelage of the world famous Mayan archaeologist, Roman Pina-Chan, and afterward taught Mesoamerican architecture at Georgia Tech.