Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Are these Native American? From a 4000 acre n.e. Kentucky Farm

Reader Jason W. writes:
There are about 15 or so rock piles fairly close to each other, the stone wall is the only wall ,it is about 2 foot high,3 or so feet wide,and at least 75 feet long. it is in a desolate area located on top a steep mountain ,where it flattens out....the location of my finds is approximately 8 miles from the ky serpent mound.
The piles are all on one side of this wall, and are within feet of each other, its about a 2 hour walk to the site,but will try to get more pics. my other pics didn't take, but i remember the rock wall definitely having an s shape to it. the guy i was with was certain it was native american,but u are the experts not us. i wish to know this so to preserve it, that is my only intentions.

Found at the bottom of the hill:


pwax said...

My comment is that this sounds particularly Native American. The number of rock piles, and the wall which is unique in this place. These put the site in the category with some of the other recent mountain- top sites from the south east. Like the Indian Mountain complex or the Track Rock Gap. Looking forward to seeing more pictures.

pwax said...

I should add that these elements of pile and wall seem to be a common theme.