Sunday, January 08, 2012

Nipsachuck "mound controversy"

"Tribal oral history tells us that the Nipsachuck area was a place of ceremony...observations, study of tribal oral history and an archaeological report seem to point to an association with the annual Perseid meteor shower in mid-August, when "the souls of departed people would travel southwest along the Milky Way on their journey to Cautantowitt's house. Tribal oral history suggests that Nipsachuck was one of several places in southern New England for this yearly summer gathering of people and that the timing of the first battle, which took place during the peak time of the meteor shower, is highly suggestive of a connection between the ceremonial place and the battlefield."

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Norman said...

I seriously doubt that any physical evidence will be uncovered to prove that N. Smithfield was a burial site. And it is going to be hard (impossible?) to convince the authorities of the validity of the oral history argument. I wouldn't want to be the judge in this case.