Monday, January 30, 2012

A small site above the birthplace of Dakins Brook

Although I said I was not going to do any more exploring last weekend, I did take a short drive and walk with my wife over at Estabrook Rd. But we stayed to the left and I aimed for where I remembered finding a site at the headwaters of Dakins Brook in far western Estabrook Woods [which I blogged about here...scroll down.] But I got a bit confused between the landforms and the waterways in there and found myself, instead, at a familiar place - the Boaz Brown cellar hole. So from there I figured I would head down hill, further west, to get to that site at the top of Dakins Brook and, wouldn't you know, Estabrook revealed yet another small secret to me. I found three very old oval piles built against the slope. These are so forlorn and hidden I am thinking seriously about going back and cleaning them off completely. Three little bumps. Those are big piles, about 10 feet across. So old. I think these should be compared with other piles from the same slope, as mentioned in the link above.

Update: If you take into account all the sites I have found in this part of Estabrook Woods, they are all at the edge of the higher rockier ridges, about equidistant from the middle of the valley which, today, has the nice Mansions along Estabrook Rd. I make out that these sites are from a corn growing culture. I label this new site H' on the revised map.

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