Sunday, January 22, 2012

Winter Doldrums Setting In

It looks like it is that time of year again. There is enough snow on the ground to make spotting rock piles difficult and I am a bit lazy about walking in the snow at 7 degrees F.

Update: A question for readers from the south: Is there any time of year when you cannot go into the woods?
Update 2: I should have asked: is there a time when you prefer to not go in the woods?
Update 3: I guess I won't have that excuse if next weekend is like now: 54F.


Jeff in RI said...

I would suggest hunting season, without your orange on.

TommyH said...

Here in Georgia, this is the best time to be in the woods, with no snow and plenty of sites to look for. My labrador companion of many years, Daisy, helps me make enough noise to let the hunters know we are in the area. A cloudy day is even better, so my photos do not have shadows. I am planning two more trips with friends before the leaves come back on the trees. Since I travel the north end of the State almost daily, I also stop and check the occasional promising hillside.
The worst time is in the summer. The numerous bugs, snakes, and roaming bands of savage Mayan warriors, can make for a miserable day, not to mention the heat. There is nothing worse than being strung up to a tree, mosquitoes and ticks munching away on you, and some giddy group of Mayan gang members using you for a blowgun target. I'm getting too old to run from them, so I just stay out of the woods in the summer.

Norman said...

Damn Mayan warriors!

Tim MacSweeney said...

Here in CT one group we don't worry about is those Culdee Monks who are cream puffs compared to Mayan Warriors. The Vikings on the other hand can be trouble; even my great great great grand uncle Brendan MacBrave said so!