Sunday, January 01, 2012

Is the competition still on?

by theseventhgeneration
I am wondering if there is a new photo competition for 2012? There was this one from January 24, 2010, but I wasn't sure if there was another for 2011 (ending January 24, 2012). If there is a competition on, I have this photo to submit for the most rock piles in a single shot:I count 7 piles. This shot is especially poignant because all the trees marked in blue are slated to be logged. Rock piles are not protected on NY State land, but stone walls are.


pwax said...

So 7 is the number to beat in a single non-panorama photo? Game on!

pwax said...

All those blue marks on the trees: does that mean they are about to be cut down? If so, those loggers may tear through the rock pile without a care in the world.