Monday, January 30, 2012

Revisiting Dakins Brook - Estabrook Woods Concord, MA

I did revisit the site at H, so let me also revisit the map of several sites about the headwaters of Dakins Brook in Estabrook Woods. The location of H is changed and the higher site on the way down from Boaz Brown's (L) is labeled H'.As mentioned, these sites are all along the edges of the valley of the brook. So now that's straightened out, here is a pile from H. I am struck by how these different piles have different basic designs and show different degrees of decrepitude. So this pile, at a lesser degree of decrepitude than the simple ovals up the hill at H', is more elongated and, arguably, has a "tail" in the form of the two larger rocks, adjacent.

A few yards away, yet another style of pile, this one is rectangular (judging from the presence of a corner) and in even better shape:
I dream of chronologies from oval to rectangular.

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pwax said...

Which suggests we put rock piles with tails in between the oval ones and the rectangular ones, chronologically.